Diary of this Pastor’s Wife

Diary of This Pastor's Wife If you are looking for a blog that is deep and full of theological facts, 'Diary of this Pastor's Wife' is not for you. This is a simple diary of MY thoughts as a girl, woman, and Pastor's wife. The goal of this blog is to encourage, inspire and hopefully entertain readers by sharing MY journey.

Part 6 of 7_Get Your House in Order_Children, Pets and Debt

Part 7 of 7_Get Your House in Order_Last Wishes and Priceless Inheritances

Part 5 of 7_Get Your House in Order_Insurance and Funerals

Part 4 of 7_Get Your House in Order_ Living Will, Do Not Resuscitate(DNR)_Power of Attorney

Part 3 of 7_Get Your House in Order_Ask for Help

Part 2 of 7_Get Your House in Order_Establish a Support System at Work

Part 1 of 7- Get Your House in Order_In Health, Get Prepared!

Part 9: Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage_The Self Control Battle

Part 8: Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage_The Gentleness Battle

Part 7:Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage- The Faithfulness Battle

Part 6:Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage_The Goodness Battle

Part 5: Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage_The Kindness Battle

Part 4: Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage_The Patience Battle

Part 3: Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage – The Peace Battle

Part 2: Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage – The Joy Battle

Part 1: Enjoying the Fruit of Your Marriage – Love Battle

MIM 02: Are You a Disciple?

Being a Wife Can Be Challenging

MIM-01: Happy New Year, Time for Revival

Women Have the Power?

The “Real” Pastor Wife of Tarpon Springs

My Husband is M.I.A.!

I’m a Recovering Christian

Life is a Calendar

46 and counting…What Have I Learned?

Should Church Workers Get a Sunday Off?

Life is Not a Layaway Plan

Thankful for These 12 Simple Things

Why Am I Here?

Content or Complacent?

Dear Tina,

If You Love Your Family, PLEASE READ!

Don’t Rely on H.O.P.E.

IT Happens

The Other Woman

Girl, please…

Overload: The Struggle is Real

HE’s Pleased!


In Between

Easier Said than Done

Is it Me? Probably

Today, I Need Encouragement

Is My Marriage Normal?

The Hokey Pokey

Is it Time for a Diaper Change?

The Witness Protection Program


What I’m Learning from Queen Elsa

The Challenge is Worth It

I Just Look at the Pictures

Beware of MS!

Tired and Frustrated

My Legacy

Cheese with that Whine?

If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It

I Talk Too Much

What I Learned from a Flower

Joy in the Freedom to be Me

Change Happens. Seasons Change.

Dare To Do Something!

Will I Ever Catch Up?

Blog Post Coming Soon!

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