Dear Tina,

thank youIn my last post I mentioned what an incredible and amazing woman my momma was. She laid down for her final rest when I was 26 and she was only 46. Besides the obvious pain of losing my momma, what hurts most is not having the opportunity to get to know her as a woman and friend.  As I continue to go through my growing pains as a woman and wife, I’m painfully aware of the absence of her presence. I’m blessed to have a strong family support system of wonderful women. But, nobody is like momma.

Years prior to her passing, she wrote individual letters to me and my two brothers. We received these letters after she passed. This letter written so many years ago is by far one of the most precious things my momma ever gave me. It gave me insight into her love for me – just me.

I encourage every momma or daddy to take the time to write those things down that you want your child to remember. There may be things you want to share with your child in your own words such as I love you, principles of life, maybe you want to explain something, recall a memory, whatever….PLEASE DO IT! It will mean so much to that child. Whether you are the short-liver or not, sharing your thoughts with your child is more valuable than I can capture in words.

In my opinion, my momma’s life was too short. However, because my parents introduced me to Christ, I’m able to live with her early and unexpected passing. I’m a firm believer that you NEVER get over the loss of a loved one – you just learn to live with it. I don’t know what inspired my momma to write the letters. Perhaps, it was simply her love for us. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful that she did because to this day, I read her words and they bring me comfort.

FINAL WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT – Philippians 1:3(NIV) I thank my God every time I remember you

Thank you momma…

Be Encouraged! Be Blessed!

 this Pastor’s Wife

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