My Legacy

20150309_181843I was watching the ducks glide across the pond and the tracks they left in their wake reminded me of Sundays’ message. Guest Pastor WFB asked the questions, “What will be your legacy? What will you leave behind?” Although I could barely see the ducks as they moved to the far end of the pond, I could clearly see the tracks they left behind.

Over the years, I really struggled with this question – what will I leave behind? I’m an average person with no particularly special gifts or talents. I remember when I was younger, either my Uncle J or Auntie P – I can’t remember which – said, ‘You just brown. Brown skin, Brown hair, Brown eyes… You just brown.’ Please understand, I love my ‘browness’ but let’s be real– who gets excited about the color brown? Yes, I know that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made because Psalm 139:14 says so. And I also know, GOD placed a gift/talent in everyone. Some have few, some have many. Some are obvious while others are subtle. However, all are equally important in the eyes of GOD. They must be. I just don’t think GOD created anything just for the sake of creating it. GOD is not random. Everything HE created has a purpose. And, I believe the purpose is to serve others.

But what does this average ‘brown’ girl from highway 165 have to offer? Well…I’m still trying to figure that out. One thing I know for sure, there’s something I’m required to do because I’m still here.

I was introduced to Zipporah through the book Legendary Women of the Bible and the Lessons They Still Teach Us. Remember I said that GOD is not random? I truly believe GOD wanted me to purchase this book so I could read about her and be encouraged. Zipporah was the wife of Moses (Exodus 2 and 4). She thought she was going to have a simple and quiet life with a simple shepherd. Moses was a shepherd but his life was anything but simple. God had a calling on his life and Zipporah was along for the journey. As the wife of the Pastor of a grassroots ministry, I can relate.

I’m not sure what the rest of my journey holds but my prayer is that this ‘brown girl’ leaves a legacy of service that is acceptable in the eyes of THE FATHER. When I meet HIM, I want to hear HIM say “Servant, well done.”

FINAL WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT 1 Peter 4:10 (NIV) Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

Ask God to show you what your gift is and when HE tells you – use it for good.

Be Encouraged! Be Blessed!

this Pastor’s Wife

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